A New Market in Metallic Home Craftware

Interior designing and home décor is slowly becoming a booming market in India. Metallic craftware and handmade crafts are important elements of modern corporate and home décor. Catering to this requirement, Design Spurt is a B2B sourcing platform for retailers and business owners to purchase metallic home artefacts such as fruits baskets, candle stands, napkin holders, planter stands, etc. for business establishments like malls, resorts, spas, hotels and restaurants. 

There is a plethora of options to choose from- readymade choices of items as well as customized products to match the needs and preferences of customers. All the material used in the products is rust-free and lead-free, and the design is absolutely state of the art. Beautifully carved candle stands with unique stands and holders, modern fruit baskets to add an ambient feel to living and dining spaces, crafty planter stands to add beauty to indoor and outdoor garden areas, and simplistic napkin holder- to name a few. There are not many such brands in the market, and for that reason Designspurt is carving its own niche. 

The designs of our products are crafted by experts and are different from anything that is currently common in the market. The collection stands out for its modern yet rustic, simple yet elegant, and glamorous yet sophisticated quality and appearance. 

Currently, we export our range of products to USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Our business is presently B2B and wholesale-focused. We believe our brand is not only creating a unique space in India but also contributing to society by creating opportunities for the local artisans, since the artwork and assembly of the complex products requires expert handiwork. 

Designspurt is expanding into a market that is only now beginning to get bigger. The future will see many small businesses getting inspiration to get into the market seeing the example of Designspurt, for having carved a global market in such less time. Visit our website to know more about our exquisite collection and place orders at www.designspurt.com.

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