Readymade and customizable metallic crafts. Liven up home and office spaces with sophisticated and elegant designs.

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About Business

Designspurt is a B2B sourcing platform for purchase of metallic artefacts such as fruit baskets, candle stands, napkin holders, planter stands, etc. for business establishments such as hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants etc.

  • Rust-free and lead-free, wide variety of candle stands, napkin holders, planter stands and fruit baskets to choose from
  • Export services in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Europe
  • Platform for retailers as well as owners of public spaces like resorts, restaurants and spas
  • Products curated by experts and created by local artisans

Setting up a new office or a new restaurant/resort etc?

Explore attractive designs of artefacts – napkin holders, candle stands, planter stands and fruit baskets and add life to your storage spaces.

Candle Stand Gallery

Alluring and vibrant designs of candle stands. Metallic polish with geometric shapes, traditional designs, and out-of-the-box pieces brightens up those ambient and subtle corners.

  • Single-holder as well as multi-holder candle stands
  • Place candles or t-lights on the holders
  • Non-rusting designs with export-quality polishing and finish

Fruit Basket Gallery

Eye-catching and sophisticated fruit baskets to lift up those kitchen and dining spaces. Choose from a variety of readymade and customizable pieces.

  • Single and double-tiered baskets with modern, up-to-date designs
  • Tastefully designed by experts and handcrafted by local artisans
  • Multipurpose usage with some baskets doubling up for storage of kitchen and bathroom supplies

Napkin Holder Gallery

Looking for simple yet elegant designs on the dining table? Designspurt napkin holders are the best buy to accomplish that.

  • Unconventionally designed pull-out and hold-down napkin holders
  • Modern-looking and cleanly polished designs in black and metallic finish
  • Intricately designed and crafted napkin holders by local artisans

Planter Stands Gallery

De-cluttering and lean planter stand in wrought iron and metal for indoor and outdoor garden areas.

  • Lightweight, available in a single pot and multi-pot designs
  • Rust and lead-free metallic polish over wrought-iron
  • No burden of cleaning up after watering plants or mud from the pot spilling onto floors

Our Featured Products

  • C- Shape Napkin Holder

  • Metallic 2-Tire Fruit Basket

  • Metallic Leaf Candle Stand

  • Metallic Tree Candle Stand

  • Metallic Two-Tire Round Basket

  • Plant Stem Napkin Holder

  • Two-Tier Iron Planter Stand

  • Two-Tier Step Planter Stand

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