Spa Design Trends 2023

Trends can show a persistent shift toward a new way of living. Regardless of how practical the 2023 spa design ideas are, they will delight even the most ardent aesthetes. Designspurt has always believed in staying one step ahead of the competition. Spa-like environments are also becoming a popular source of inspiration for home bathroom designs, which is why it’s worth taking a look around to discover what the most interesting spa design ideas are right now.

Social spa experience: While most spa clients prefer isolation, many now seek human interaction and shared experiences. Spa design will reflect this transition by providing social spaces within the spa for couples or groups of friends who want to enjoy a spa journey or experience together. We predict an increase in the popularity of small group treatment suites, cabanas poolside or on the grounds, and cabanas, which is ideal for between treatment relaxation and reconnection around a fire feature. We look at locations throughout the spa trip to create a social niche or nook, thinking beyond the apparent spa lounge area serving as a social hub.

Cosy and relaxing: Given how much time we’ve spent at home in the last couple of years, it stands to reason that cosy and comfy décor to create a “home away from home” experience would be a prominent spa interior design trend in 2023. Make your spa feel more pleasant by using neutral tones, comfy spa equipment, and ambient soft lighting. By spreading house plants on planter stands throughout your home, you may complement the natural tones with a delicate yet serene splash of green.

French Country: It is a popular, timeless style that has made its way into the spa design ideas for 2023. French country is a design style that was influenced by the genuine French countryside, notably Provence. Interiors in France might be extravagant and elaborate, while Provencal homes are more easy-going, distressed, and muted. French rural interiors are known for their soft and feminine appeal, which creates a balance between natural and beautiful. Finishes such as exposed wood, natural stone, elaborate wallpaper, patterned fabrics, and worn materials define French Country. Colour schemes should be light and airy, with neutrals like milk, ivory, and beige offset by a variety of soft pastels.

Green and long-term: Green is the colour of the year, both in spa design and in everyday life. Nature-inspired colours on wall coverings and furnishings, together with plant décor, will be important in the 2023 spa design. Mixing a variety of greens to create an organic tale is quite popular, from deep emeralds and sage to oceanic-inspired tones on the green/blue spectrum. If the notion of painting your walls green doesn’t appeal to you, you can still join in the trend by adding a few leafy palms or succulents, since house plants will continue to thrive as décor in the coming year. Going green with not only your décor but also your spa business methods is a trend that your spa should embrace. Spa and wellness experts are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and improve their green business practices.

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