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Stately and Appealing Metallic Candle Stands

The range of our range of metallic candle stands at Designspurt are a novel range of products as far as current market trends are concerned. Having touches of royalty and sophistication, these candle stands are alluring and desirable for any living room or office spaces, or interiors of resorts, spas, hotels, restaurants etc. There are a huge variety of candle stands available at our website. 

We have candle stands of varying sizes and colours. There are metallic multi-holder stands, while there are also unconventionally and differently designed candle stands with knotted base. Golden and black metallic polish is present on majority of the collection, but we also have mirror-polished and geometrically shaped candle stands. Some candle stands have single holders while few have as many as up to nine. There are votive designs, geometric designs, knotted designs with glass and metal components. 

The collection of candle stands is readymade, while there are also few that are customizable as per choices of the customers. The polish on the stands is rust and lead free, with matte as well as shiny polish in golden and black colours. The designs are expertly curated and are a stand-out when it comes to conventional designs and currently available products in the market. 

The collection stands out for being a class apart and is certain to elevate the ambience of living room areas and office spaces. All the designs are tastefully curated and finalized. 

These metallic candle stands are available for export to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Europe. They are also an opportunity for local artisans to work, since the complex mesh and intricate designs require reasonable amount of handwork and mastery. 

Visit our website to view our exquisite collection and order latest designs in candle stands now at   

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