Unique and affordable handicraft for business owners

Unique and affordable handicraft for business owners

This is the place where you can easily get a lot of Unique and affordable handicraft items for retailers and business owners. Here at Desginspurt, we provide you with variety of products as per your needs and preferences. Designspurt is a high-quality international sourcing platform for metallic décor and artefacts, where business owners can discover and shop the latest trends at the most affordable and cheap prices. Get the most fashionable artefacts right at your fingertips.

Get hand-picked items that have been expertly crafted. Get premium courier services with 7-day delivery. The product’s quality is specially guaranteed. Design Spurt is a sourcing platform that allows businesses such as hotels, restaurants, spas, resorts, malls, and others to purchase metallic products from vendors such as fruit baskets, candle stands, napkin holders, planter stands, and so on. In addition to offering ready-made options, we also customize products based on our customers’ needs, preferences, and style. The products are coated with lead-free and rust-free paint, which distinguishes our brand in the market.

Some of the top Unique and affordable handicraft products that you can see at our store are:

A square napkin holder with three circular designs and a weight to hold down a bunch of tissues.

Ceramic plant pots that are both stylish and functional for indoor and outdoor plants. They add a touch of sophistication to the green corners in the office and at home. Available in a variety of shapes.

Beautiful wrought-iron napkin holder with a floral weight in the shape of a flower stem to act as a weight on top of the tissues.

Four-holder planter stand: –

A single-piece planter stand that can hold four different-sized pots at once. Fill each of the four slots with different flowers to brighten up your garden or home.

These golden metallic candle stands are reminiscent of antique regal brassware. It is available in three different sizes.

Another unique basket with a metallic basket supported by a wooden handle. The oval and flat oval shapes and sizes are available. Compact and straightforward, it is ideal for carrying outings and repositioning.

A striking metal candle holder that can be used for both modern and rustic decor. The ideal wedding gift idea complements any interior design. An important home furnishing accessory for living rooms, dining rooms, apartments, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

A bright and innovative addition to an office or home to enhance the appearance of indoor plants. These metallic stands have plat corners that appear neat and tidy. The ideal addition to your living room décor.

These were the best 8 metallic Unique and affordable handicraft products that you can find here. Also, checkout other products like candle-stands, fruit basket, napkin holders, and planter stands. And do remember that Designspurt is the go-to place for all the Unique and affordable handicraft products for business owners and retailers.

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